Pacific Presents #1 – Rocketeer & Missing Man

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by Dave Stevens / Steve Ditko
editor: David Scroggy

Early anthology series from influential independent publisher Pacific Comics. Noteworthy for presenting the third chapter of Dave Stevens beloved Rocketeer series, after appearances in Starslayer #2 & #3. Also includes Missing Man, another offbeat hero from Marvel legend Steve Ditko, battling the Queen Bee. 


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Cliff Secord is being pursued by Nazi spies, and the FBI become involved, as they discover the rocket pack which Secord happened to discover. It is right after Secord saves a fellow pilot, but his girl, Betty unwittingly becomes mixed up and is subsequently kidnapped to draw out Secord and his rocket pack.

Meanwhile, Missing Man investigates the Queen Bee.

Front cover by Dave Stevens and Steve Ditko. Back cover by Dave Stevens.

32 page full color comic
Pacific Comics, 1982

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