Steve Ditko is one of the most iconic and influential American comic book artists. Together with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he was a pillar of Marvel Comics during the so-called “Silver Age of Comic Books”. His best-known co-creations are the more true to life superhero ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (1962) and the highly imaginative worlds of ‘Dr. Strange’ (1963). Ditko is furthermore (co-)creator of a host of remarkable and offbeat superheroes for other companies, such as ‘The Question’ (Charlton, 1967), ‘Mr. A’ (Witzend, 1967), ‘Hawk and Dove’ (DC, 1968), ‘The Creeper’ (DC, 1968) and ‘Shade, the Changing Man’ (DC, 1977). He could let his vivid imagination run free even more in his many visually experimental and innovative supernatural short stories for Charlton Comics, and in his personal comics essays. Although a reclusive man himself, Ditko was known for adding a personal touch to all of his characters, and bringing subtle emotions into his panels. As a storyteller he was one of the first to apply philosophy in his stories, most notably the Objectivism theory by Ayn Rand. (bio from Lambiek)

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