New in the Shop – Jesse Moynihan, Frontier and More

Many books new and old have been added to the shop this past week. We’d like to bring your attention to these.


Youth in Decline’s first two issues of Frontier are now in stock: Frontier #1 by Uno Moralez and Frontier #2 by Hellen Jo.


All three issues of Forming and Adventure Time artist Jesse Moynihan’s Backwards Folding Mirror – Issues one and two, and the graphic novel length third installment Follow Me are available again.


You will also want to grab On Your Marks – the anthology comic from 2013’s Short Run fest with comics by Aaron Mew, Aidan Fitzgerald, Andrice Arp, Asher Craw, Ben Horak, Bobby Madness, Chris Cilla, Darin Shuler, David Lasky, Elaine Lin, Eroyn Franklin, Ian Sundahl, Jack Hayden, James Stanton, Jason Fischer, Jason T. Miles, Jennifer Parks, Julia Gfrorer, Kaz Strzepek, Kelly Froh, Kinoko, M. “Moseley” Smith & Reuben “W.” Storey, Marc Palm, Max Clotfelter, Michael Litven, Pat Moriarity & Rick Altergott, Patrick Keck, Robyn Jordan, Sean Christensen, Tim Goodyear, Tim Miller, Tim Root, and Tom Van Deusen.