Digestate and Magic Whistle 12 New in The Shop

As I’ve been pretty out of it with the stomach flu or some such the last couple days, it’s hard for me to jump into this book yet, but I am assured that it is quite good. 55 artists contribute to this big 200+ page food and eating themed tome, including popular favorites Sam Henderson, James Kochalka, Josh Bayer, Jeffrey Brown, Renée French, Alex Robinson, Marc Bell, Box Brown, Kevin Cannon, Noah Van Sciver, Josh Bayer, Danny Hellman, Dan Piraro and Liz Prince. Grab a slab of Digestate now.

Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle has returned to regular publication after a four-year hiatus. It’s also back at it’s original comic book size with original publisher Alternative Comics. And it is funny. (Conflict of interest latrine department: I edited and did production on the thing and I still blew earl grey out at lest one nostril while proofreading it). Magic Whistle #12 made its debut at BCGF last weekend and it will be in stores in just a few weeks. In the meanwhile you can get them all sneaky from us.