Gates of Eden


editor: Mitch Cohn

Pass through the Gates of Eden and bathe in this delight of a 1960s/1970s hangover, brought to you by those who survived it — even if they don’t all remember it! Steve Leialoha, Michael T. Gilbert, Trina Robbins, Fred Hembeck, Frank Stack, Lee Marrs, Jeff Jones, P. Craig Russell, Rick Geary, Kim Deitch, Spain Rodriguez, Sharon Rudahl, Gary Hallgren, John Caldwell, Michael Kaluta, John Byrne…

Wait, what? John Byrne?

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  • “Welcome to the Gates of Eden” introduction page by John Byrne
  • Table of Contents illustrated by Raoul Vezina
  • “Altamont” by Steve Leialoha
  • “The Day J.F.K. Bought the Farm” by Michael T. Gilbert
  • “The Way We Wore” by Trina Robbins
  • “I Was A Teenage Mets Fan” by Fred Hembeck
  • “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done” by Foolbert Sturgeon (Frank Stack)
  • “Massage Muddle” by Lee Marrs
  • “’69” by Jeff Jones (Jeffrey Catherine Jones)
  • “Highschool in Limboland” by P. Craig Russell
  • “Communal Life…” by Rick Geary
  • “Dial M For Monster” by Kim Deitch & Tony Eastman
  • “Chicago ’68” by Spain
  • “Nowhere to Run” by Sharon Rudahl
  • “Introducing Randy Peters” by Foolbert Sturgeon (Frank Stack)
  • “Pocked Lips Now” by Gary Hallgren
  • Cartoon and next issue blurb by John Caldwell
  • Inside back cover illustration by Jim Starlin

Front cover by Michael Wm. Kaluta. Logo by Tom Orzechowski 
Back cover by Rick Griffin

48 page glossy black and white magazine with color covers
FantaCo Enterprises, 1982


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