Hellbound Vol. II


Boston Horror Comics.

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Boston Horror Comics. New England’s most disturbed comic creators present a dozen nightmares in black and white: a fiend in the next hospital bed, a comic book that drives men to murder, a plague with feathers, a love-triangle in a cemetery… plus a whole unholy host of demons, psychos and misunderstood monsters. These will be your companions for a cozy evening of blood and gore and over-the-top horror as you snuggle up with the second volume of Hellbound.

Features art and stories by Ansis Purins, Nathan Kitler, Jerel Dye, Clayton McCormack, John Hilliard, Joshua D. Hoaglund, JL Bell, Andy Wong, Caitlin Plovnick, Gabriel Robinson, Patrick Flaherty, EJ Barnes, Logan Faerber, Gregery Miller, Lindsay Moore and Alex Cormack.

96 page black and white paperback digest

River Bird Comics, 2011

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