Suburban Dance Radio – Call Emergency 999

You can hear the raspiness in the DJ’s voice from breathing in the smoke of a whole state on fire. This is not the suburban grill glaze I asked for! Where is my Tom Collins? Hiding out in the basement (yeah, like we have those in California) Mr. DJ unearths a cache of nineties/noughties CDs and explores the sounds encoded within. What emerges is an alternate portrait of an era and a little bit of what followed it. Guest narration from the hard working heroes at Cal Fire.

Episode 9 of the Suburban Dance Radio show on 92.5 KOWS FM Santa Rosa, California. Airs every Tuesday at 8pm Pacific time. We are now a weekly experience. Keep it locked.

Music played (official sites, download links, videos and more in links):

MicrostoriaQuit Not SaveDisquiet interview with Markus Popp
Joe Beats – Fade
Tim Exile – When Every Day’s A Number

of Montreal – Id Engager
Ernest Gonzalez – While On Saturn’s Rings
Deee-Lite – I Had A Dream I Was Falling Through A Hole In The Ozone Layer (Ani Remix)
Greyboy Allstars – V Neck Sweater
Pedro – I Am Keeping Up
Németh – Transitions
Autechre – Altibzz

Obits – Pine On
The Locust – Can We Get Another Nail In The Coffin Of Culture Theft?

Frank Turner – Try This At Home

Judy and the Loadies – Loadie Boots
Ne’er Do Wells – One Life One Match One Kiss
for these bands and other related acts from the north of this fine state, may I point you towards Old Thumb Records?

Noise Addict – Poison 1080
The Return of… Arab Strap – The Week Never Starts Around Here

Deerhunter – Little Kids

Your host is Marc Arsenault AKA gritboy. Member of the groups Brown Cuts Neighbors (with Lady Starlight and Jason “Wolfman” Martin) and San Francisco-based sound system nickname: Rebel. Former editor of the Vaughn Bodé library for Fantagraphics Books. Draws the comic “The Stupid Pages.” Proprietor of the art | music | video studio Wow Cool since 1988.

Musicians out there. PLEASE send me your sounds. Anyone who wants to do an exclusive session, interview, collaboration, guest mix or sound project, please hit me up. Don’t be shy.

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