International Blackletter

International Blackletter is a collaborative display typeface created in 2003 by a group of artists and designers. Coordinated and curated by Ian Lynam. I contributed the number 2.

Ian’s notes:

“What was the inspiration for designing the font? I wanted to curate a lone typeface that collected the work of a number of my favorite designers and artists. All were kind enough to create a custom letter for this font as follows:

Ed Fella ($), Catherine Guiral de Trenqualye (0), E*vax (1), Marc Arsenault (2), Mr. Keedy (3), Carole Ambauen (4), David D’Andrea (5), William McCurtin (6), Urs Lehni (7), Doug Rogers (8), Marc Bell (9), AHF (A), Jennifer Benitez(B), Cody Hudson/Struggle Inc. (C), Renos (D), E*Rock (E), Susan Farrell (F), Tauba Auerbach (G), Selena Hoy (H), Jeff Durham (I), J.D. Davis (J), Mumbleboy (K), Megan Gnekow (L), Manny Roldan (M), Randy Nakamura (N), Griffin McPartland (O), Ian Lynam (P), Snowee D. Bear (Q), Maria Lynam (R), Dennis Tyfus (S), Darren Tuozzoli (T), Chris Maas (U), Andrew Jeffrey Wright (V), Dave Nason (W), Riley Swift (X), David Choe (Y), Abby Dansiger (Z), Brian Roettinger (FI), Mark Kulakoff(AE), Jeri Blocker (?), Jen Budke (@), Megan McGinley (*).

What are its main characteristics and features? It is kind of a mess, but there are some interesting ideas within.

Usage recommendations: Display type only!

Download includes Mac and PC OpenType, PostScript, and TrueType formats.”

Download for free from Ian’s font foundry Wordshape