OK. To get started. This game looks fun and gruesome. Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole is free to download and play. It’s Windows only, but may run fine on Mac and Linux through Wine. Read the write up on Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Serious funnyman Michael Kupperman is the subject of the latest Gweek podcast over in Boingerland. We just recently got a stack of Mike’s bit of awesomeness he did for Timely Comics a couple years back in the shop – All Select Comics #1 featuring MARVEX!

Theo Ellsworth gives strange interview over at Don’t Panic. In further related, ‘hey go buy stuff from the Wow Cool Shop’ news, there is now a page of Theo art on there. Yup, Capacity, Sleeper Car and two anthologies with bonus Ellsworth are on sale now.

The guests and exhibitors for the 2011 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival have been announced. Wow Cool won’t be there in person, but, about sixth tenths of the artists whose books we carry will.

You must go watch this wild Salvador Dalí documentary narrated by Orson Welles! “A Soft Self Portrait” from 1967 on Ubu Web.

Paul Pope talks about teaming up with Legendary Comics (publishing arm of the film studio that produced Inception, The Dark Knight and others) to finally get some more books out, over on CBR.

Susie Cagle has posted a report on AlterNet about her experiences with the Oakland Police Department while trying to cover Occupy Oakland as a journalist. “Oakland has spent more than $1 million on Occupy policing, but nearly all of that overwhelming force has been used against innocent people.”