Overby’s sparse, scratchy drawings make me appreciate the title of this book. Since comics are typically so visually driven, it’s not often that I find myself looking at almost blank pages. Instead, these comics are driven by text, cell size, and my ability to fill in what I’d like. Overby’s drawing style carries the story well when it’s present – an assortment of dots and lines move you forward from panel to panel, with almost complete figures. Each thought carries over into the next panel with nontraditional breaks, just as one gets lost in thought – in between thoughts – and has to come back to what was before. 
A small collection of stories, these autobiographical tales do more than focus on Overby’s life – they engage the reader on topics like human honesty and contemplation of the universe. Even if you are a solipsist, there is kindness to allow yourself and others. Even in philosophical discussions, there is lightheartedness to be had. I found myself reading them over and over again, interpreting and reinterpreting conversations. 
Solipsist’s Doodles can be purchased here!