Windy Corner stopped into Pittsburgh to hang out with Juliacks! Thats me and her in the above picture, hanging out in front of Copacetic Comics (a great comics store).

Juliacks did the back cover for windy Corner #2 and you can find more of her amazing work here:She is one of my favorite artists in comics today–Juliacks work is so eccentric but has this huge amount of authority to it. its from out of left field but it looks as if it HAD to come out of left field. No affectation to it.

Windy Corner set up shop at Brillobox Bar. We had so much fun—everyone else in comics was stuck in San Diego, walking to Ralphs (or whatever) but Brillobox was like the anti-thesis of San Diego.

That’s local Pittsburgh TALENT Sharon Needles who performed at the event! Ooof.

And this local Pittsburgh band, whose name I cant recall, was great! The whole event felt kind of crazy and erratic—sort of like Windy Corner Magazine! Ha!

The next day we had brunch at the house of a couple who work for the childrens museum in Pittsburgh. Their kid sitting next to me here loved mollie Goldstroms drawings in WCM #2.

Again, can i mention how great Copacetic is? I want to move to Pittsburgh and work there! Pittsburgh is really a treat—i wish i was still hanging out there. thanks to Juliacks amd Ben bigelow for putting me up and setting up the event!