There really isn’t anything quite like a beautiful black and white comic. Sergel’s simple, completely structural linework makes the world uncanny, but also incredibly pleasing. Whether drawing parallels between events and concepts, or simply retelling an odd memory, Eschew gives me a sentimental feeling about my own awkwardness. The human and silly aspects of these comics make an interesting contrast to the highly technical art; the pages seem like an instruction manual from an airplane explaining how to bail out of the plane in case of emergency. 
While Eschew doesn’t give us any explanation on how to cope, it shows us how one person does. Sergel’s collection of embarrassing or simply synchronistic tales was a good read and left a lasting impression on me with his incredible use of simple black and white. Really, it has something interesting and relatable for anyone!

Eschew 1, 2 & 3 can be purchased here!