NEWAVE! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980’s from Fantagraphics December 2009


I am very pleased to relay that the publication of Michael Dower’s mammoth collection of minicomics has been announced by Fantagraphics Books, Inc. This thing is to be a serious 700+ page brick. It collects the very finest of old xeroxed mini comix, with the art printed at the originally published size. Featured artists include many names from the small press past of Wow Cool: Sam Henderson, Wayno, Roy Thompkins, Dennis Worden, Ion (aka Infinity) and me, Marc Arsenault. Some other artists included are: Fred Hembeck, The Pizz, Rick Geary, XNO, Bob X, J. R. Williams, Mack White, Daniel Clowes, and Doug Allen. Bug your local shop to order about a thousand of these or pre-order yours now from Amazon.

Preview and description on Fantagraphics site.