So, I just heard that Minx isn’t going to be publishing and as of last month neither is Virgin comics. There seems to be a lot of this going around in mid-level new-mainstream books. It is really interesting to me. Since these days arty and personal comics seems to be selling better than ever. I’m trying not to be smarmy since I know people who depend on these sort of things but it is important to note that doing things just because “that is what is selling” or “that is what people want” doesn’t guarantee any kind of business success. So, why not just do comics that we like doing. It is funny because the Minx story on Comics Reporter ends with this thing about how it was an imprint run by real people and that speculation about what could have been done doesn’t do anyone any good. As if learning from mistakes weren’t important and what Minx represented to the rest of us wasn’t important. Well, there you go.

Anyway have any take on this? I haven’t read around on it yet.