RIOTGOD! Drops First LP on Metalville Records

Out today in the US is the debut slab from Riotgod, and it is awesome! They are fronted by our old pal Mark Sunshine and feature the rhythm section from Monster Magnet. So, yeah… Heavy and Rocking.

The release is available in physical form at your local record store or from Amazon. You can also get it on the iTunes.

In 2007 Monster Magnet’s Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino created their own alternate universe under the Riotgod banner, inviting guitarist Garrett Sweeny and the estranged vocalist known only as Sunshine to travel the cosmos with them. Their achieved collective goal is “Riotgod”, their debut album containing some of the most energetic, recognizable and high quality Hard Rock this side of Mars. Dare to meet your Riotgod! The initial 1000 copies will be in digipak format with bonus tracks.