A few days ago Tom Spurgeon asked the comics world to name five cartoonists who were still in an ‘establishing themselves‘ phase of their career. I threw Jeffrey Lewis in my list, despite his many years of putting comic books out. I claimed he was virtually unknown in the comics community. This was based on a straw pole I took of people in comics I knew*. Today, I open up the front page of the Guardian; and, right there in the center column, right below Gaddafi, is, that’s right: Jeffrey Lewis. His new album A Turn In The Dream-Songs has just been released on the Rough Trade label. I think it’s been a little while since an issue of Fuff was released, but I think you’ll really enjoy what Jeffrey has done with ROM: Spaceknight.

*I asked Frank Santoro… and maybe one other guy.

Hmmm. Guardian video embed wouldn’t work, so, it’s been replaced with ROM. Enjoy.