Razorcake 2020 Donation Drive

It’s Fund Drive Season at Razorcake. There is no tote bag, but there are t-shirts! 

Razorcake provides consistent coverage of do-it-yourself punk culture that you won’t find anywhere else. They believe in positive, progressive, community-friendly DIY punk. DIY punk culture is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and the target of corporate exploitation. Razorcake supports a legit community of punk music and culture as the only bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit music magazine in the US.

Wow Cool is a regular advertiser in Razorcake and a distributor of the magazine. We support what they are doing in every way we can.

Full information on how you can help out is at: https://razorcake.org/welcome-to-the-2020-donation-drive/

General donation information page: https://razorcake.org/donate/

Statement on their site:

On January 1st  we should all be given a merit badge for sludging through the 366 days that was 2020. We understand that people have a lot on their plate right now—and it’s not necessarily food—but if you are of the means to donate this year, and keep Razorcake in print, accessible, and sustainable, we’re here to say thank you! Here are some donation gifts we’ve put together to make it little more enticing.

Art by Eric Baskauskas that will be used on the shirts

You can also buy Razorcake back issues on Wow Cool