Razorcake 131


Razorcake 131, featuring Rata Negra, Mac McCaughan of Superchunk/Merge Records, The Runts, Angry Snowmans, Don Lifted.

“I don’t believe in borders. It’s ridiculous that you cannot come here to play.” —Violeta, Rata Negra

Gorsky Press, Inc.

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Cover design by Bone Dust | Cover photo by Raymundo Camacho


  • Rata Negra interview by Todd Taylor
  • Mac McCaughan of Superchunk/Merge Records interview by Kevin Dunn
  • The Runts interview by Daryl
  • Angry Snowmans interview by Robb Sir Vancilot
  • Don Lifted interview by Billups Allen


  • Donna Ramone explores the wrinkles of the inter-state diaspora between California and Utah, including, but not limited to: “crick,” “pellow,” “melk,” Pioneer Day, and really different birds.
  • Jim Ruland gets treated with dignity and respect by both homophobe bros and cops. Hah, just fucking with you. They throw beer cans at him and tell him to walk his bike to work, respectively.
  • Lorde Jayne forgives their mom. “Traumatized people traumatize people and healed people heal people.”
  • Sean Carswell signs up to Spotify, thanks the algorithm for all the great suggestions, and then buys $600 tickets for Blink 182. Hah, still fucking with you. He breaks down why The Whys? record is stellar and how streaming services are all about the moneys. Because, capitalism.
  • Rev. Nørb breaks Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Unicycle-Riding Punker Balancing a Peanut on a Butter Knife! The answer? “E/B.”
  • Puro Pinche Poetry y Cuentos (Edited by Ever Velasquez and RoQue Torres
  • SFV punk! (don’t tell me about Kathleen Hanna, I already know) –soledad con carne
  • Designated Dale memorializes Karla “Maddog” Duplantier, drummer non-pareil. She was the real deal.
  • Art Fuentes examines the elephant in the room along with the Grand Old Party’s flies and shit.
  • Rhythm Chicken rips into Algoma’s parade with liver full of napalm.
  • Michele Cruz Gonzales pledges to punk rock, not allegiance to the United States. “I wasn’t smarter than most kids. It’s just that my mom didn’t raise me to be a derpy robot.”

And photos from the lovely and talented:

  • Chris Boarts Larson
  • Mari Tamura
  • Albert Licano

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Karla “Maddog” Duplantier and Raymond “Raybo” Vogelman

112 page black and white newsprint magazine with 2-color covers
Gorsky Press, 2022

Razorcake Mission Statement:

Razorcake provides consistent coverage of do-it-yourself punk culture that you won’t find anywhere else. We believe in positive, progressive, community-friendly DIY punk. We do our part.

DIY punk culture is often misrepresented, misunderstood, and the target of corporate exploitation. Razorcake supports a legit community of punk music and culture as the only bona fide 501(c)(3) non-profit music magazine in the US.

Our bi-monthly fanzine is a one-of-a-kind resource for the DIY punk community. Over the years, Razorcake has developed this resource to help document every facet of this culture. The Razorcake Gorsky umbrella also includes book publishing, record pressing, live shows and readings, and a thriving web presence that maintains weekly podcasts, webcomics, and videos.

Our open participation policy means anyone can become a contributor. Currently, Razorcake offers a forum for over 180 long-term independent volunteer writers, photographers, illustrators, and musicians from around the world. We take pride in our scenes and represent them internationally. We also distribute the magazine to over twenty countries.

DIY punk is an exciting, evolving culture that can thrive outside of corporate interests. Our goal is to continue operating a modern framework where this community of independent, DIY punk can continue.

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