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Swamp Thing Annual #3


by Rick Veitch
art: Rick Veitch, Shaun Mcmanus, Jim Fern & Stan Woch. Inks by Tom Yeates.

Gorilla Grodd attempts to conquer Gorilla City by taking over the minds of the other ape-themed superheroes and supervillains on the planet. For some reason his psychic powers also affect Swamp Thing. 

DC Comics

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“Distant cousins” BWana Beast. Congorilla. Gorilla Boss. Monsieur Mallah. Sam Simeon. Yes, things go ape as Gorilla Grodd takes control of DC’s simian characters, causing them to try to free him from imprisonment in Gorilla City. He causes his own problems however when his tampering with nature attracts the attention of the Swamp Thing. Story by Rick Veitch. Pencils by Rick Veitch, Shaun Mcmanus, Jim Fern, and Stan Woch. Inks by Tom Yeates. 

Note on reading order: This Annual was published around when Rick Veitch’s first regular issue as script writer on the regular Swamp Thing series — #65 — was published in October, 1987. So it fits right in after Alan Moore’s run ended with issue 64 (or book six in the regular collections, or Book three in the Absolute editions)

Cover by Brian Bolland.

48 page full color comic
DC Comics, 1987

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