Greyshirt Indigo Sunset #4


From the pages of TOMORROW STORIES comes one of AMERICA'S BEST COMICS' most intriguing characters: Greyshirt! Who is Greyshirt and how did he come to be? What is the real story behind Indigo City's champion? Where did his career begin?

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This issue will bring a chill of "Recognition" as we see the fabulous Star of Indigo sapphire throughout the ages. With flashbacks featuring art by the legendary John Severin, we travel back to many lands and times, to fully explain the historical significance of this loveliest of gems…all so we can understand why two of Indigo's most accomplished cat burglars are planning parallel heists. Plus, the latest edition of the Indigo Sunset newspaper in this issue with no ads!

32 page full color comic

America's Best Comics, 2002

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Rick Veitch & John Severin