Mechanics #2


by Jaime Hernandez

Classic and acclaimed Love and Rockets series.

Fantagraphics Books

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Classic and acclaimed Love and Rockets series.

“Mechanics” Parts 4 and 5 — Maggie and Rand Race are sent to fix a downed ship in a volatile jungle country where dinosaurs still live and the leader is an oppressive dictator.

“Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch” one-page story — Hopey gets a homemade tattoo while discussing Maggie’s trip with Izzy and Daffy.

“On the Road Ag’in” Part 2 — With Bomber in tow and back on the run from Costigan, Penny dies her hair to disguise herself from his spies; Once she finds out that Bomber has a wife, she goes back to Costigan.

“Out O’ Space” starring Rocky Rhodes, Fumble, and Monster [King Patrick]

36 page full color comic book
Fantagraphics Books, 1985

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