Fruit of Knowledge: The Vulva Vs. The Patriarchy


by Liv Stromquist

In this graphic nonfiction book, Swedish cartoonist Liv Stromquist traces how different cultures and traditions have shaped women’s health and beyond.

Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 9781683961109

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From Adam and Eve to pussy hats, people have punished, praised, pathologized, and politicized vulvas, vaginas, clitorises, and menstruation. In this feminist graphic novel, Swedish cartoonist Liv Strömquist calls out how genitalia-obsessed men have stigmatized women’s bodies, denied their sexuality, created a dubious gender binary, and much more. Her biting, informed commentary explores history and taboos from the darkest chapters (the Salem witch trials) to the lightest (when menstrual blood was used as a love potion). Like humorists Alison Bechdel (Dykes to Watch Out For), and Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant), Strömquist uses the comics medium to reveal uncomfortable truths about how far we haven’t come.

144 page full color paperback
Fantagraphics Books, 2018

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