Legal Action Comics Vol. 1


With its appealing blend of diverse cartooning styles and offbeat humor, LEGAL ACTION COMICS carries on in the tradition of ground-breaking underground comics anthologies like Zap Comix, Arcade and Raw.

Dirty Danny Comics
ISBN: 9780970936301

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A thick comix anthology featuring comic strips by over seventy of the cartooning world’s top talents, including: Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Robert Williams, Kim Deitch, Gary Panter, Spain Rodriguez, Tony Millionaire, Kaz, Julie Doucet, R. Sikoryak, Sam Henderson, James Kochalka, Johnny Ryan, Michael Kupperman, and dozens of others, as well as short fiction by SLACKJAW author Jim Knipfel. 

256 page B&W trade paperback with color covers.

Dirty Danny Legal Defense Fund, 2001

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Danny Hellman, defendant



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