Sexy Stories from the World Religions #2

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editor: Erick Gilbert

The second installment of this art attack on the hipocrisy and destructiveness of religion.

Last Gasp
ISBN: 9780867192506

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The second installment of this art attack on the hipocrisy and destructiveness of religion. A choice of artists from France and the United States cover a range of the worlds religions with a certain emphasis on nuns.

Paul Fetler: Painter and illustrator living and working in L.A., offers here a superb stained glass from his local church.

Caroline Wedier: Alcha: Caroline from France and represents the “Cretinous Primitive” school of cartooning in her numerous “meat” stories. Here she takes a look at desert games and Islamic doctrine.

Steven Cerio: Down Olecuegentile Pass with Coyote: A stunning six page interpretation of Native American Coyote tales.

Toshio Saeki: His illustrations of which our centerfold is such a brilliant example are mainly published in color in S&M magazines.

Brad Johnson: Origins of Ganesha. The hillbilly cartoonist tells us of the birth of this charming elephant headed god from India in his clean Zen style.

Stephane Blanquet: Let’s Go to Inferno: This young Frenchman publishes the cream of modern cartoonists in his ‘zine Chacal Puant.

Matso: Holy Jizz: The creator of ‘Snot for Kids is a keeper of the San Francisco Underground tradition producing small silk screened comics from his warehouse in the Mission.

Marcel Gotlib: Gods’ Club: Gotlib was the master of French humor comics for 20 years and the editor of the magazine Fluide Glacial.

Rita Mercedes: The Temptation of St. Gulburia: Last seen in Aftershock. the Latin Spitfire brings a Goreyish touch to this tale of Temptation inspired by the French tradition of absurd humor.

Pierre La Police: Madonna with Dildos: The master of the “Cretinous Primitive” school mentioned earlier, Pierre also composes “Papal Relaxation Music”.

44 page black and white comic book with color covers.
Last Gasp, 1993


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