Hate #12


by Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge ended his third year as the cronicler of disaffected twenty-somethings with a raucous take on the collector mentality – and that of those who prey upon them! In a story entitled “Collector Scum,” Buddy decides he’s going to get rich quick by opening a business as a buyer and seller of worthless ’60s and ’70s memorabilia. But he’s reckoned without the bizarre and savagely petty nature of collectors – and little does he realize that Lisa, whom he’s enlisted to assist him, becomes decidedly more interested in the intrigues and warfare among the collectors than in actually selling any stuff. To no one’s surprise, everything ends disastrously, of course!


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“Collector Scum!” finds Buddy and Lisa peddling merchandise at a comic book convention. Collectors and dealers alike will find that Bagge’s brilliantly satirical skewering of the industry hits a little too close to home. “Stinky Brown, Super Star” is a one-page backup in which Stinky can’t remember his lines in a porn film.

24 page black and white comic with color covers
Fantagraphics Books, 1993

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