Hate #11


by Peter Bagge

In “Slumming with Buddy and Lisa,” the unlikely couple hits rock bottom: their disgusting and pathetic behavior ostracizes them from all their friends, including the usually tolerant George Hamilton III, who moves out in a huff. In fact, Buddy and Lisa can’t even stand each other, but they’re all they have left now! This bitter orgy of alcoholism, desperate sex, and bad attitudes is written and drawn, as usual, by Peter Bagge.


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In “Slumming with Buddy and Lisa,” George moves out because he just can’t stand living in the same house anymore with Lisa (who moved in three months prior). Lisa cleans up her act (literally and figuratively), but it’s not enough to keep her and Buddy from fussing and fighting. “Let’s Give Fascism a Chance!” is a three-page backup story that pokes fun at suburbia.

24 page black and white comic with color covers
Fantagraphics Books, 1992

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