Flesh and Bone


by Julia Gfrörer

Julia Gfrörer’s Flesh and Bone is a mystical journey through folk legend and demonology

Sparkplug Books

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Julia Gfrörer’s Flesh and Bone is a mystical journey through folk legend and demonology. Gfrörer’s draftsmanship and stream of consciousness are like a mystical force of their own. This book is complex, engrossing and thoroughly visceral.

“Gfrörer’s intelligence shines through in virtually every particular, from pacing (the excruciatingly interminable sequence in which the bereaved man writhes first in agony then in resigned masturbatory ecstasy on his beloved’s grave) to dialogue (a devastating exchange between witch and demon in which love is dismissed as “mutual masturbation,” a form of slavery that prevents humankind from pulling itself out of the muck) to strategic absences of dialogue (a harrowing silent sequence in which an owl is sent to blind a young witness to a horrible crime) to character design (the man’s Byronic good looks, the demon’s disembodied lion head) to facial expression and body language (the witch’s arched back and closed lids as she copulates with a screeching mandrake creature) to a cover that nails the appeal of her wiry, frail characters and line.” Attention Deficit Disorderly

“The fusion of horror and arousal can be unsettling to observe. But isn’t that part of the point of reading horror, to be unsettled? I say it is, and if you’re interested in a more holistic view of the ways in humans can experience the otherworldly—or just want a little hot sex mixed in with your hot blood—Julia Gfrörer’s work is well worth your time.” — Sam Costello, iFanboy

40 page full color comic book
Sparkplug Books, 2010

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