by Daniel Clowes

Dan Pussey is the world’s greatest comic book artist. Fight me!

Collects stories from the legendary 1990s Eightball comicbook.

Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 9781560971832

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This hilarious classic is a brutal, scathing peek into the insular, pathetic world of the comics industry. If you think Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons is pathetic (and hilarious), wait ’til you meet Dan Pussey!

A vicious satire of pop culture and the commerce of art in a new edition, with a new cover and intro by Clowes! This hilarious classic from Dan Clowes is a brutal and scathing peek into the insular, pathetic world of the comic book industry, as seen through the eyes of antihero Dan Pussey (pronounced “Pooh-say”), creator of the smash superhero comic “Nauseator.” From cradle to grave, Clowes presents the complete saga of Young Dan Pussey, mercilessly skewering the business and medium of comics, bouncing from art to commerce to culture high and low. Clowes not only parodies the superhero genre (notably Stan “The Man” Lee), but also his own peers, from his publishers and fellow authors at Fantagraphics to artistic heavyweights like Art Spiegelman (seen here as “Gummo Bubbleman”). Through it all, Pussey dreams endlessly about having sex with a woman, but even those fantasies degenerate into superhero scenarios.

54 page black and white paperback with color covers
Fantagraphics, 2006

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