Elektra: Assassin #7

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by Frank Miller
art: Bill Sienkiewicz
editor: Archie Goodwin

“Vox Populi.” This issue reveals that Ken Wind may intend to initiate a starting a nuclear war. The cover is a dark take on the famous painting American Gothic.

Epic Comics

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The Beast-possessed Ken Wind is about to win the Presidency of the United States. Elektra and Garrett are out to kill him before he does. Political thriller meets Kung Fu action in this pulse-pounding penultimate issue!

SHIELD dispatches Chastity McBryde to hunt down the fugitive cyborg Arthur Perry, escaped from SHIELD Helicarrier after slaughtering all the medical team who rebuilt him. Elektra finds and infiltrates Ken Wind’s election headquarter, to study her enemy, and find any weak point to defeat him. Finally, all the forces gather at the final theatre where everyone supporting Wind’s election met, and the waiting for the main actor commences…

Contains a letter to the editor by future Alias Jessica Jones artist Michael Gaydos.

32 page full color comic
Epic Comics, 1987

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