Elektra: Assassin #1

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by Frank Miller
art: Bill Sienkiewicz
editor: Archie Goodwin

“Hell and Back.” Featuring the hard boiled writing of Frank Miller and the surrealistic renderings of Bill Sienkiewicz. Elektra: Assassin takes place several years after the title character’s “death.” This first issue (of eight) reveals Elektra’s past through flashbacks as she undergoes a dangerous mission.

Epic Comics

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An untold chapter in the life of Elektra unfolds, as Marvel’s most mysterious assassin begins her journey in an asylum for the mentally insane. Reality and dreams blur together, as Elektra’s once-impenetrable mind buckles under the darkness of her past.

Why is she there? What happened before? What is real and what is not?

At the time of the creation of this eight issue limited series, writer Frank Miller and artist Bill Sienkiewicz were two of the biggest names in comics. Marvel wanted a Marvel Universe series to help reinvigorate their mature readers Epic Comics imprint (which had been entirely creator owned previously) and turned to Miller to pen an Elektra story along with art from Sienkiewcz who used his water color style.

32 page full color comic
Epic Comics, 1986

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