Link Hustler


We have been surveying the comics works of Eleanor Davis the past few weeks through the eyes of new regular reviewer Rob Clough. The Comics Reporter pointed us towards the archive of Eleanor’s contributions to Psychology Today. Check those out. it is worth the extra click-through effort.

It seems that the Village Voice is finally, actually dead. There is a survey at their website of Robert Crumb’s work for the paper that you may want to check out.

This is one that we will revisit soon. I picked up a book over the weekend that opened many doors. It is about food. The illustrations are by something that was called the Kling Studio. It was the domain of a Walter King. They also animated things.

Old friend Jesse Stiles, who likely still owns some of Wow Cool’s old furniture, has made a great font based on graffiti in his Pittsburgh neighborhood. Polish Hill Crust is a free download.


BBC 6Music is our usual soundtrack in the Cupertino shop, and we’ve even gotten a couple on-air shout-outs on the station. They beyond killed it with several programs recently. You should go listen to: The Freak Zone Playlist curated by BeakDJ Shadow sits in for Gilles Peterson | Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone Vintage Synthesizers Special.


Orson Welles The Other Side of The Wind Official Trailer. We may actually eventually get to see a version of this lost and incomplete masterpiece.

Our featured image was discovered via chief Escape artist Paul Gravett, who also led us to this preparatory sketch by Taiyo Matsumoto.