Rock that Never Sleeps is a split book between two awesome lady artists! First in the book, Olga Volozova establishes the tale with her many-layered comic style and creates a new myth revolving around memory. People around town begin to lose their skill of recollection, including a family of solely women, the Katchia family. Regarded as frightening and witchlike due to their tightly kept secret craft of puppet making, the Katchias are held in even higher fear than before as they too begin to lose memory of their spells, and thus their livelihood. 
Determined to regain their craft, three members of the family travel through the desert to Rock That Never Sleeps, a town where sages guide those whose memories are lost to items that may help them recover. There is always a catch though – if you regain your memory, you lose something else. 
Juliacks’ story exists in the same space as Olga Volozova’s, but in a different time. Far into the future, three people travel once again to Rock That Never Sleeps in order to regain what they’ve lost. In Juliacks’ future, there are sages all around who can see the memories of objects through their psychic birthmarks. Tragedy befalls the future in this tale as you are guided along through dense pages of psychic discordance. You become lost among the memories of objects just like your three protagonists!
This book is a rad exploration of the concept of objects and what impact they have on the human psyche. What relations you have with things. Also the value of memory; how important is it for humans to have and rely on such a liquid aspect of themselves. 
(36 interior pgs, 9″ x 6″, color cover with black and white and sepia interiors)
Rock That Never Sleeps is available here!