Jason Martin New Adirondack Power and Light Out Now
Jason “Wolfman” Martin of Brown Cuts Neighbors, The Bunny Brains, Evolution Revolution and Power Animal Systems has a new solo record on the way — The New Adirondack Power and Light. You can get a special digital preview on Bandcamp right now. Full release on limited edition cassette and streaming coming soon! Features the songs “Underwater” and “Geo Logic” heard in the film CODEX ENTROPIA (see below).

You should also check out Jason’s 2016 LP Power Animal System Methods on Peterwalkee Records

Jason also contributed to the greatly acclaimed 2019 LP Transience by Wreckless Eric, along with Ross Goldstein from Gary Panter’s band.

Jason Martin on SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp

Codex Entropia — A short film by Rich Pell with music by Jason Martin
An ancient civilization develops complex computing technologies using only well-trained animals. Told through a psychedelic found-footage slideshow sourced entirely from 100+ year old stereoscopic photographs. More info
Watch the 3D version at the University of Pittsburgh’s Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology site.

Jason Martin on Wow Cool

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