Sugar Booger Thanksgiving Special

Sugar Special

Hello… What’s this? Thanksgiving was last week! That may well be, but Kevin Scalzo’s Sugar Booger #1 didn’t get here until now! But, wait, you say, I thought that came out like ten years ago. Nope this is the new 32 page 5×7″ color glossy edition from Alternative Comics. It collects the first two mini comics with seven pages of new art, all freshly colored. And there will be two more of them in 2014. But what’s up with the Thanksgiving Special? Ah, that is a special brand new 12 page black and white story with the two-color covers that you see above. They were made special as an exclusive for CAB in Brooklyn. We have just three of them and are giving them away FREE to the first three people that order the new Sugar Booger #1.