nickname: Rebel

Chopper Chopper
Recorded at the end of the sessions for EP “…tears up the streets” A re-tread on the old Figgs song. With Jason Martin guesting on organ.

European Jewel European Jewel
Interpretation of a Jandek song… without ever having heard the original. One mic. One take. Recorded in Tennessee. Find out more about Jandek.

Sex BombSex Bomb Baby
with Frank Budgen. Live at the Lionheart, Albany, NY September 9, 2001
um..note the date. Based on the version of the song by flipper. Inexplicably this is the most popular download on here with way over a thousand every year.

Brown Cuts Neighbors

Karate Choppin’ NitelightsKarate Choppin’ Nitelights – from the Theory of Wholetone Gubble (1998).

Googlehexin’ Googlehexin’ – from the Theory of Wholetone Gubble (1998).

Lax MinisterLax Minister – from In Case of Emergency Contact the Horses (1997)

X Simple X X Simple X – from Squeeze Out Another Twinkle (1995)

Swing Low Popped VestSwing Low Popped Vest – from Sound Effect Rendidtions of Wallpaper Designs (1994)

Velcro SleepVelcro Sleep – from Broken Down Like a Bean (1990)

Sand Roller Dupree In RetogradeSand Roller Dupree In Retograde – from Delta (1990)

Welcome to ClumbertWelcome to Clumbert – from Squid Old Marking (1989)

CloningCloning – from Squid Old Marking (1989)