nickname: Rebel

Marc Arsenault, Michael Keegan & Co. make beautiful noise. 


…Tears Up The Streets.
A free download. Three songs. A taste of New Rock Church of Fire, the upcoming debut full-length LP by nickname: Rebel. Released 26 May 2009. Produced by Marc Arsenault. Recorded by Jason Martin in Troy, New York.

Offset Needle Radius Vs. nickname: Rebel
Recorded in Kittery, Maine. January, 2009. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Portland, Oregon. Side 1 – Inspector’s Test mixed by Offset Needle Radius. Side 2 – Man On A Ladder | Print Through | Quarter Inch Jack mixed by nickname: Rebel. All sounds created by Joshua Baker and Marc Arsenault using original Sunn and Ampeg equipment.

The debut single from nickname: Rebel is a collaboration between Marc Arsenault (Brown Cuts Neighbors) and Joshua Baker (Offset Needle Radius, ex- God Hates Computers, Chased and Smashed, Sawhorse). A warm up to the Offset Needle Radius Vs. nickname: Rebel LP.

Marc was in Brown Cuts Neighbors and Krebstar. Nick and Mike were Lincoln Money Shot/CALMS, Robb was in To Hell and Back, Kitty Little and Brevator. All but Marc were in Burnt Hills and are currently also Creature Comforts. The band has also included and may again include Tom Burre (Bone Oil), Scott Smallwood (Evidence), Aaron Smith (Stars of Rock, Scientific Maps), Jason Martin (Evolution Revolution, Bunny Brains, denim and diamonds), Joshua Baker (Offset Needle Radius, Kilauea, God Hates Computers, Chased And Smashed, Sawhorse) and Andrew Gerhan (Our Lady of the Highway, The Kim Philbys).

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World Cup Fever at the Rebel FC team trials