Venus in Blue Jeans, Venus in Furs /All the Ancient Kings- Julia Gfrorer: These two I picked up because the covers looked gorgeous, and then I got home and opened them up and the insides were not as enchanting. Venus has a few pages that show off some cool looking sketchbook pages, crammed in between a lot of small panels where nothing really happens. All the Ancient Kings is a series of short comics starring Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Dylan and a whole bunch of musicians and counter-cultural celebrities interacting. They might be roommates? It’s the more entertaining of the two.
Estrus Comics #6 : More Kiss & Tell Stories – MariNaomi: This is like getting drunk with your girlfriends and talking about your exes, the comic. I loved it. Brutally honest, perfectly concise, with blowjobs.

The Marty Chronicles – Liz Dunning & Teppei Ando: Basically a story about Liz’s interactions with an awkward guy, Marty, centered around playing and watching college volleyball tournaments. Marty is somewhat awkward, and does odd things throughout the nearly 60 page story, but aside from being weird there’s nothing hugely criminal happening. Teppei’s art has this sketchy energy that carried the whole comic, though occaisionally it’s hard to tell what’s happening. The pacing could be better, and the dialogue can get a little tedious at times, but it’s not a terrible effort.

In the tall grass #3 – Tessa Brunton: “Look, there’s this girl I want you to meet, she’s not the biggest looker in the bunch, but she is funny as hell! Great personality.” Tessa’s style is still getting there, but she seems to have found her voice. There’s a bunch of short, funny strips that range from finding free stuff on the street to watching drunks on the BART, and two longer, more introspective/emotional pieces about dating and deaths at a water park. Add her blog to your rss or whatever, Tessa’s got game.

Spaniel Rage- Vanessa Davis: Vanessa is totally the master of diary comics. She fits in more story in a panel than most people can do in a page, and she doesn’t even use panels. You already know this is good.