Steve Moore Has Minutes To Go In Suspension

I was about ten or eleven when I was first exposed to the writing of the recently deceased Steve Moore in the pages of Doctor Who Weekly. He and Alan Moore (no relation) wrote back-up stories in the magazine. Some of the ones that first caught my attention were the tales of the Cyberman who still retained his emotions – Kroton. But, the one that really caught my imagination and stuck with me for years afterwards was this four page chapter in one of the Star Tigers stories featuring Abslom Daak — Dalek Killer. I encountered it completely out of context of the rest of the story, in stark black and white art by David Lloyd (who would later illustrate V for Vendetta). There were so many ideas here that were so new to me… I used to xerox these four pages and hand them out to friends and insist they read it. Make sense of this! There was only one other comic I did that with back when I was barely a teen – an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” by Alberto Breccia in the October 1982 issue of Heavy Metal.

Doctor Who Marvel 11 - Page 26

Doctor Who Marvel 11 - Page 27

Doctor Who Marvel 11 - Page 28

Doctor Who Marvel 11 - Page 29