Your New Coffee Table Friend no. 2: Mariscal Drawing Life

drawing life

I have been an avid fan of Javier Mariscal’s art since first encountering his Garriris comics in Raw Magazine at the age of 12. When I got to visit Barcelona for the first time, apart from the buildings of Guadi and the museums of Picasso, Dalí and Miró, I was most excited to see what works there were by Mariscal (and then I discovered the wealth of other amazing work by young Catalan artists in the streets and universities). I have the most wonderful plush dog of Mariscal’s (with both eyes on one side of the head, of course) as a memento of that trip. If I had managed to attend the Olympic games in 1992, I would surely have a room filled with his designs. Instead, there is now this dream book of his art, Mariscal Drawing Life, published by Phaidon to coincide with Mariscal’s installation of the same name at the UK’s Design Museum, which ran from July to November 2009. You will want to be sure to visit the exhibit blog, which features many wonderful images and videos from the event.