Tuesday June 27th – WHO IS BOZO TEXINO? a film by Bill Daniel, Bill Daniel IN PERSON! 8 pm. Also: musical set by Captain Coconut with help from Ross Goldstein (Evo Revo/United States of Belt), Jason Martin and Aaron Smith(Evo Revo) at 7:30 pm The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Ave (at 101st St.), Troy, NY
In 1987 Daniel and his trusty Bolex camera began hanging out in hobo jungles and riding freights across the West, looking for clues to the identity of a strange boxcar graffito. While gathering interviews and discovering clues to the identities of many of the most legendary boxcar artists, Daniel discovered a vast underground folkloric practice that has existed with little notice for over a century. Today these drawings live on as a new breed of hobos have taken to the rails and kept the tradition of moniker chalking alive. This artform provides unlikely common ground between mostly conservative railworkers and old school tramps and the kids whose approach includes spray cans and punk lifestyles.
Also screening: Britton S. Dakota by Vanessa Renwick, 2004, 7 min. Depression-era children are hypnotized by the camera in this re-discovered imagery from 1938. Score by Johnne Eschleman. Portland-based filmmaker Vanessa Renwick is Director of Affairs of the Oregon Dept. of Kick Ass.

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