Wednesday is New Comics Day May 11, 2016


Today is Wednesday, May 11th and we have a ton of new books for you. We are now officially open until 7pm at the Cupertino shop; and, will start staying open until 8pm on Wednesdays in June. Recent issues of comics from the past year are now available in the store carefully arranged in alphabetical order. There are still several Free Comics Book day comics here. They will be rotated out in the free bin out front. The 50 Cent bin sale continues out front as well.

Brand new books this week include:

Birth Of Kitaro
Cigarette Girl
Everything Is Teeth Graphic Memoir
Guardians Of The Louvre
Heavy Metal #280
Hip Hop Family Tree #9
Island #7
Juxtapoz #185 Jun 2016
Kaijumax Season 2 #1
King Cat Comics And Stories #75
Pop Gun War Gn Vol 01 Gift by Farel Dalrymple
Prophet Earth War #4 (Of 6)
Scab County by Carlos Gonzalez
Something New Tales From Makeshift Bride
Steve Ditko Archives Hc Vol 06 Outer Limits
Why Would You Do That by Andrea Tsurumi

We are working on getting new books online in a quicker manner. Look for major additions to the online shop soon as we have just finished reorganizing our inventory and will soon add all that are missing.

You can always get a general sense of what is new from this page.

Want to special order a book? Need to start or move your subscription pull-list? Fill out this form and we will set you up.