Hello, just a quick note or two about this site as it continues to grow and heave.

UPDATED: The Wow Cool Shop is all the way live! More images and samples to be added soon. We currently have 70 different items available – Books, CDs, T-shirts, Vinyl Records and much more.

A section has been added for a Wow Cool Amazon Shop. We’ve gathered together all the books, CDs, DVDs etc. that are available on Amazon featuring work by Wow Cool artists, but that we no longer have in stock. Most of these are long-since sold out from the publishers and distributors.

There’s lots going on around these parts. The Evidence record comes out in just a few weeks, there is a 2011 calendar in the works, and – if all goes according to plan – nickname: Rebel will be releasing a World Cup themed song next month that you are sure to love.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.

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