Sparkplug OG for life, T. Edward Bak sent out an email request for help with the IPRC this week:

As you may now, I currently volunteer at very special organization called the Independent Publishing Resource Center. The IPRC is the only self-publishing community center of its kind anywhere in the world; in addition to serving artists and writers, their special Media Action Project teaches teenagers to be more conscious about the major media’s harmful messages about beauty and thinness, masculinity and violence, and mindless consumerism.

The IPRC has grown considerably in the past year, and right now we really need help meeting our increased expenses. IPRC membership rates are surprisingly affordable; membership gets you access to this magical place and all our tools and resources, plus it supports our important outreach projects.

We’re also hoping to get more folks signed up for the amazing Zine of the Month program. It’s basically like joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but instead of receiving farm-produce, each month we deliver a fresh, handmade zine directly to your mailbox.

To learn more about the IPRC, sign up for a membership, or watch a short documentary about the center, please visit

Huge Thanks,
t edward bak
IPRC volunteer