Sunday In The Shed With Marc


THE WORLD OF UPA will be a three-part film essay series that tells the story of the rebels who made animation grow up. Presented by The Royal Ocean Film Society.

This appears to be part one:


Check out this feature on Bandcamp: A Brief Introduction to Southeast Asian Post-Rock and Math Rock.

A much recommended long-read for you:It’s time for music and music technology to be a voice for migrants” on CDM—Create Digital Music

Only for the hardcore New York ravers: Long-time punk rock guitar and vocal guy from Albany, New York to Richmond, Virginia Mark Telfian (Hail Mary, Limp Wrist, Devoid of Faith, Conniption, Fäctøry, Eucharist) is profiled in this career-spanning interview at No Echo. The crazy thing is, it could have been much, much longer and way more in-depth. You can find a few records by Hail Mary and Conniption in the Wow Cool shop’s music section.


Maybe not as polished as UPA (and also a really bad copy here) but interesting, anyway. Yeah, I never heard of the TV show It’s About Time either. From the people that gave you Gilligan’s Island. Uncovered during research on cult mid-20th Century film producer Jack H. Harris, this seems to exist in the same parallel universe as his films The Blob, 4-D Man and Equinox.

I owned the soundtrack to the B’s Vortex when I was about 15 or 16 and always wondered what the movie must be like. Now I know. Enjoy.

“Adult Swim Announces New “Blade Runner” Anime Series” (Pitchfork)—which sounds insane until you read the sub-head “Shinichiro Watanabe (“Cowboy Bebop,” “Samurai Champloo”) tapped as creative —Oh, thank god…

Net Neutrality is actually important

We’re days away from the deadline to overturn the FCC. Tell lawmakers: “Your decision will impact the future of humanity. Vote to save net neutrality before it’s too late.” This is no B.S. Get on that.

Our featured image is by long-working Spanish comic strip and book artist Julio Ribera, who passed away on May 27th of this year in his adopted home and primary workplace of France at age 91. I know his work primarily from my teenage exposure to The Vagabond of Limbo series, which appeared in English only in a few issues of Heavy Metal and two volumes from Dargaud in the early 80s. 31 volumes were created by Ribera and writer Christian Godard between 1975 and 2003. He also notoriously illustrated a truly twisted unauthorized take on a certain caped crusader, where the young ward took the lead in the adventures.