Suburban Dance Radio is on KOWS 92.5FM

I started doing a regular radio show again, since club DJ gigs are hard to come by… Massive thanks to Don Campau and the folks at KOWS Community Radio in Santa Rosa, CA for letting me do my thing. I’m on every even Tuesday on 92.5 FM at 8pm up in Sonoma County and streaming online. I am archiving shows on Mixcloud about a week later. Shows will also appear for up to a month on my SoundCloud page.

Musicians out there. PLEASE send me your sounds. Anyone who wants to do an exclusive session, interview, collaboration, guest mix or sound project, please hit me up. Don’t be shy.

First episode of the new Suburban Dance Radio show on 92.5 KOWS FM Santa Rosa, California. Airs on even Tuesdays at 8pm Pacific time. Next show is Tuesday, April 28.

Here’s the track list for the first one.
California punk theme this time around:

Can – Pnoom
Coldcut – Atomic Moog 2000 (Full Blast)
Beak> – Life Goes On
Pinhead gunpowder – Benicia By The Bay
Jawbreaker – Caroline (Demo)
Night Soil Man – We cannot be controlled
Hot Snakes – Automatic Midnight
Minutemen – Search
Minutemen – Plight
Minutemen – History Lesson Part II
Lightning Bolt – Barbarian Boy – Adult Swin Singles Program 2013
black midi – Crow’s Perch Live in Chicago – Live in the USA
Stick Insect – Guilty 2013 Teen-Beat Portable Companion
The Hand – I’ll Be Your Snowflake
John Vanderslice – Underneath The Leaves
Azalia Snail* – St. Nowhere – from a split with Sebadoh
DeerhoofDeerhoof Plays Music Of The Shining – 02 Midnight, The Stars And You
Fad Gadget – Lady Shave
Holger Czukay – Mellow Out

* Check out Azalia’s Lockdown Lowdown show on KOWS on even Thursdays at 3pm Pacific

The soundtrack to your suburban existence. Mowing the lawn and working the Weber just got a whole lot easier. You can debate the fence line with your neighbor later. Right now you are relaxing to a solid blend of post punk, electronic, experimental, hip hop, afro beat, Jamaican, punk, noise rock and much more. Sounds from across the ages and around the planet. Specializing in rare cuts that will be served with perfect grill marks out on the patio of funk by the pool.

Your host is Marc Arsenault AKA dj gritboy. Member of the groups Brown Cuts Neighbors (with Lady Starlight and Jason “Wolfman” Martin) and San Francisco-based sound system nickname: Rebel. Former editor of the Vaughn Bodé library for Fantagraphics Books. Draws the comic “The Stupid Pages”. Proprietor of the art | music | video studio Wow Cool since 1988.