Suburban Dance Radio for June 23, 2020

Suburban Dance Radio for June 23, 2020

Suburban Dance Radio is on every other Tuesday on KOWS Community Radio 92.5 FM in Santa Rosa, CA at 8pm up in Sonoma County and streaming online. I am archiving shows on Mixcloud about a week later.

The soundtrack to your suburban existence. Scrape those desiccated lizard parts off the grill dome and evict the raccoons that have taken over the she shed… It’s time to relax to a solid blend of post punk, jazz, funk, experimental, hip hop, blues, dub, noise rock and more. Sounds from across the ages and around the planet. Specializing in rare cuts that look good next to the ping pong table.

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Music played (official sites, download links, videos and more in links):

Jeffrey Lewis – Boom Tube
Jeffrey Lewis – Time Trades
Luciano Perrone – Samba Quente
Lords – Headache Heartattack
Madlib – Tape Hiss
Holy F uc k – Echo Sam
Nation of Ulysses – N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A.

Weird War – Grand Fraud – WaPo article
Mad Professor – Pirates of the Airwaves
Astrud GilbertoBerimbau
MadredeusAinda – From the soundtrack to Wim Wenders’ Lisbon Story
Blood BrothersUnder Pressure
Frank SidebottomFrank Gordon
Melt BananaWe Will Rock You

The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

Battles – Fort Greene Park
Bent ArcanaThe Gate
Bob MouldAmerican Crisis

Your host is Marc Arsenault AKA dj gritboy. Member of the groups Brown Cuts Neighbors (with Lady Starlight and Jason “Wolfman” Martin) and San Francisco-based sound system nickname: Rebel. Former editor of the Vaughn Bodé library for Fantagraphics Books. Draws the comic “The Stupid Pages”. Proprietor of the art | music | video studio Wow Cool since 1988.

Musicians out there. PLEASE send me your sounds. Anyone who wants to do an exclusive session, interview, collaboration, guest mix or sound project, please hit me up. Don’t be shy.

Photo is Jeffrey Lewis playing in my living room in Brooklyn in 2012.