Suburban Dance Radio 6 for July 14, 2020

The soundtrack to your suburban hell!!! The Devil is in your bird bath. The undead emerge from your septic tank. The damned mower won’t start. This is Radio 666. It’s time to get nervous to a cursed soundtrack of post punk, jazz, funk, experimental, hip hop, blues, dub, noise rock and more. Sounds from across the ages and around the planet. Specializing in rare cuts that sound good after you’ve slammed back a Manhattan or two.

Suburban Dance Radio is on every other Tuesday on KOWS Community Radio 92.5 FM in Santa Rosa, CA at 8pm up in Sonoma County and streaming online. I am archiving shows on Mixcloud about a week later.

Music played (official sites, download links, videos and more in links):

Horse Lords – People’s Park – Horse Lords Bandcamp

Morning Call – Fine Morning Call guitarist is on Netflix’s Twogether among other things

Johnny Cash – The Man Who Couldn’t Cry
Mutabaruka – People’s Court Part II
Rezin Tooth – Dub Crater

Sudan Archives – End of the world as we know it
Mavis Staples – Can You Get to That
Dean Blunt – 100
Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man
Coriky – Clean Kill
Animal Magic – Standard Man

Songhoy Blues – Worry
Panchiko – D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T.A>L
79rs Gang – Expect The Unexpected – Bandcamp Interview
Nancy Curtin – Waters of March

Your host is Marc Arsenault AKA dj gritboy. Member of the groups Brown Cuts Neighbors (with Lady Starlight and Jason “Wolfman” Martin) and San Francisco-based sound system nickname: Rebel. Former editor of the Vaughn Bodé library for Fantagraphics Books. Draws the comic “The Stupid Pages”. Proprietor of the art | music | video studio Wow Cool since 1988.

Musicians out there. PLEASE send me your sounds. Anyone who wants to do an exclusive session, interview, collaboration, guest mix or sound project, please hit me up. Don’t be shy.