Did you know that Gridlords is happening this Saturday, the 28th, at The Waypost? And did you know that several talented comics folks in attendance will be debuting work from the new Gridlords anthology, Other Worlds?! We’re super excited about it! Other Worlds, edited and designed by Sean Christensen ABT and Graham Kahler, contains “an outrageously delicious collection of worlds out there in the outer zones” and features 132 pages of greatness from these amazing creators: Kevin Hooyman, Max Clotfelter, Dunja Jankovic, Rebecca Artemisa, Daria Tessler, Darin Shuler, Theo Ellsworth, Sophie Franz, Anna Ehlemark, Nusha Ashjaee, Elizabeth Pusack, Fiona Avocado, Graham Kahler, Ryan Iverson, Kelly Froh, Joel Statz, Matt Lock, Marsuplala, Luke Forsyth, Sean Christensen, Jesse McManus, and Lillie & Asher Craw.

In honor of this news, we wanted to showcase their first anthology, I’m Not Afraid to Love. This minibook is made up of 44 pages of black-and-white comics dealing with love; it features works from Rebecca Artemisa Urias, Elizabeth Pusack, Julia Gfrörer, Cameron Hawkeye, Eroyn Franklin, Tim Goodyear, Suzette Smith, Jesse McManus, Maryanna Hoggatt, Cari Vander Yacht, Graham Kahler, Kinoko, Nusha Ashjaee, Kevin Hooyman, Theo Ellsworth, Sean Christensen ABT, Daria Tessler, and Patrick & Vanessa Keck. The stories, short as they are, each portray some facet or viewpoint of love; whether you like your comics ultra-realistic, historical, comical, surreal, futuristic, or poetic, there’s something in here for you. This is an awesome introduction to a wide array of talented creators and shouldn’t be missed. Grab a copy and gear up for the Other Worlds!