Keep Fresh by Zeijan Shen is one of many comics we brought in recently! This minicomic definitely keeps fresh itself – the inking is beautiful with dark halftones. Most of the text is in Chinese with English translations at the bottom. Following the story of a few characters, it progressively becomes unclear who is who, and whether the world all the characters live in is the same as ours. Perhaps it’s a futuristic ultraviolent world where gore and death are everyday. Perhaps it’s all the delusion of one character… Everything isn’t as it seems, but something is definitely amiss in this Akira-like future. 
A violent biker kid, someone working in a take-out restaurant and a bunny man’s lives are all centered around the violent deaths happening around the neighborhood. The kills seem random and caused by biker delinquents. But what else is going on? The TV ads are all full of body horror and nobody is phased. Keep Fresh is a puzzle I want to sort out over again after reading it a few times. 
Aside from having a twisting storyline, this comic also features a lot of great psychedelic effects and panels. The uneasiness of the plot is reflected stylistically with intense line weights and character design. Bodies are distorted and intriguing. Definitely a comic worth reading!!
(46 pages, black and white with color cover, 9″ x 5.5″, Retrofit Comics)
available for purchase here!