Vinyl Underground #1 coverThe preview is up on Newsarama for the brilliant new Vertigo series Vinyl Underground, illustrated by our friend Simon Gane. Written by Si Spencer (Books of Magick: Life During Wartime); Art by Simon Gane and Cameron Stewart; Cover by Sean Phillips; Coloring by Guy Major. More info and images are up on Simon’s Blog. This looks like pretty exciting stuff, and will be a strange new ride for fans of Simon. His more recent abstracted deep chiarscuro style has reached a new level. Very nice… and the ink and color team does a great job with it. Curious to check out what this Si Spencer is like with words as his credits include Judge Dredd, Eastenders and a Torchwood script.

If you live in North America your best source for Simon’s other work is right here on Wow Cool. We have just about all his classic books… Arnie, Punk Strips, Sap, Paris (it’ll be up there soon) and more. Check out the Simon Gane Page on Wow Cool.

Look for Vinyl Underground in your local funny book outlet from October 3, 2007.

Vertigo’s VU #1 page.

Vinyl Underground